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About us:

Here’s the part where we try to sound fun and interesting while telling you a bunch of stuff that you may or may not actually read…

Ron serves as the Anderson family’s chief grocery shopper (searching tirelessly for our fair trade coffee and organic jazz apples); Miranda’s coffee-in-bed-server (which earns him about a thousand Awesome Husband Points on that one alone); and official Zaxby’s picker-upper at least twice a week (don’t judge people-it’s delicious!)

When he is not busy trying to convince Miranda of the musical genius of David Gilmour (guitarist for Pink Floyd), Ron enjoys playing pool, hiking to waterfalls, watching The Office, honing his photography skills, and playing the guitar.

Lately he has been learning the intricacies of Wii juggling, and teaching Ronnie to play chess.

Miranda (aka Ran) is a stay-at-home mom to 3 great kids She also home-schools Rebekah; this means that Ran spends a great deal of time in her pajamas and slippers (which is kind of awesome), but it also means that she doesn’t always get a lot of time to do one of her other favorite things–reading books without pictures. But when she can, her favorites are: The Kite Runner, The Irresistible Revolution, The Grapes of Wrath, and The Secret Message of Jesus.

Miranda also enjoys running, roller-coasters, Just Dancing on the Wii, knitting, and learning new things. She is currently working to overcome an addiction to Krispy Kreme doughnuts. She also has a bit of a headband obsession, and faithfully shops for them in an attempt to determine whether a person can ever actually own too many. Probably not.

Our kids:

This is our excuse to talk about our beloved children, who are our greatest source of joy (and challenge!) in life…

Rebekah, age 6, is our drama queen who would probably be performing on Broadway if weren’t for a pesky bout of stage fright.

Ronnie, age 4, is our Super Mario Brothers fanatic (who sometimes prefers to be called Luigi), aspiring rock star, and future “traingeneer”(that’s train engineer, for those of you who don’t speak 4 year-old).

and Rachel, age 3, our princess who can correctly use the word “metaphor”in a sentence, but, who (even after a scary experience involving a hair barrette) can’t quite embrace the idea of only eating food (as opposed, to, you know….marbles, lollipop sticks, and hair accessories).



Here’s the part where we assure you that we didn’t just buy a couple of cameras at Best Buy last week and decide to start photographing weddings…

We use top of the line professional Nikon camera bodies and lenses. Ron shoots with a D3 and Miranda uses the D700. We download our photos several times during the day to a hard drive, just to be safe, and we always come prepared with back-up cameras, and other equipment as well.

Ron’s 11 years of photography experience have allowed him to master the technical aspects of photography. He can quickly adapt to changes in light and make necessary camera adjustments, ensuring that not only do we capture every important moment of your wedding day, but also, that all your photographs will be correctly exposed and of the highest quality.

After 7 years of photographing weddings, Ron is uniquely able to anticipate the key moments of your wedding day before they occur and creatively capture each one.

Miranda has been assisting Ron for the last 3 years, and since she generally spends the majority of the day with the bride and bridesmaids, she has learned to tune in to the significant details incorporated into your wedding and is always there to capture those last preparations just before you walk down the aisle. Sometimes, she even gets to come to the rescue with a tissue, a bobby pin, or a bottle of water. She loves that.

Whether we are working together to photograph your wedding; coaching each other on the proper way to Wii skateboard; or trying to convince our 3 kids that turning on all the lights and yelling, “it’s good morning time!’ at 6am is a really bad idea, our 9 years of marriage (and best-friendship) have given us lots of practice at working efficiently and intuitively as a team, and having a great time while doing so!

What’s with the pig?

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