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Beautiful Spring Wedding At Gassaway Mansion near Greenville, SC – Maggie and Lawrence!


After a long cold day of rain, which more than dampened the wedding rehearsal, April 5th gave way to calm skies, and eventually… sunshine! I had the pleasure of having Brittany Smith accompanying me as my second photographer for the day, which is always a treat! We arrived at the venue a bit early to look over the different locations to photograph the bride and groom later during the day. The Gassaway Mansion, located a few minutes from downtown Greenville SC, is unmistakable with it’s castle-like structure pointing towards the sky. With strong white columns at the venue’s entrance, beautiful rock walls, and a perfect decor within, this is one of the finest wedding venues in the Greenville area! Brittany and I made our way to the brides room shortly after Maggie and her girls made their way upstairs. We were immediately thrilled when we saw the setting; the color and decor in the “Bride’s Room” matched perfectly with the wedding dress, accessories, and bridesmaid dresses as well! It was a very cool experience for everyone there; as if the room was made specifically for Maggie’s wedding day! After we created some images of the dresses and Maggie with the other girls preparing for the wedding, I headed downstairs to find the groom. Lawrence was standing near the bottom of the stairs chatting with the groomsmen,where they were waiting to get their boutonnieres placed and adjusted. I took Lawrence into the next room for a few moments to get some photographs of him, and the groomsmen as they became available. Before we knew it, the time was drawing near to when the wedding ceremony was to begin; you could sense the excitement in the air! Lawrence followed the minister out the front door of the Gassaway Mansion, and they were followed by the other groomsmen. I looked to the left of the venue, and spotted the bridesmaids walking towards the archway entrance to make their way to the front porch. All of the girls made their way up the aisle to the porch, along with the ring-bearer and flower girl, until only Maggie and her father remained. It was heart-warming to see their interaction and glances at each other as they contemplated what was about to take place. As soon as they walked through the iron gate and was at a vantage point where they could see the porch, I saw a huge smile come over Maggie’s face when she had spotted Lawrence, who she was about to marry! A mixture of harsh sunlight and shade flooded the porch, but overall there seemed to be a glow coming from the couple as they stood before family and friends sharing vows and exchanging rings to signify their bond. After the ceremony was finished, we created a few images for Maggie and Lawrence that included close family members, and then it was time for the reception to start. The reception was held mostly indoors at the Gassaway, and featured wines, cake cutting, and a bouquet toss. One very cool thing that must be mentioned, was the free swing dance lesson for all of the guests, at the request of the bride. This was accomplished be the number one swing dance instructor in the area, Paul Hoke and seemed to be a fantastic time for all! The evening ended with Lawrence and Maggie running between a shower of sparklers, illuminating the walkway in front of the mansion. What a wonderful day; we felt so lucky to have had a part in yet another beautiful couple’s special day! Congratulations Maggie and Lawrence!

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