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Becca & Tim

Becca and Tim hit the road early for the hour and a half drive to Pearson’s falls in Saluda, North Carolina. Good thing we got there early too, because we had the falls all to ourselves for the first half an hour. Becca and Tim love the outdoors so much, they knew a waterfall would make the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. You may think it was a scorching 100 degrees when you see the images of the couple splashing about, but it was actually a cool spring morning. Don’t be concerned, I did not force them into the stream or say they had to splash each other with the chilling water, they were just having some fun! Since the couple spotted a baby turtle swimming in the water with them, I will conclude with this ancient Chinese proverb…
“He who sees a turtle at their engagement session is destined for a long and prosperous marriage”.

Ron Anderson

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