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Outdoor Wedding Photography In Columbia SC at the State House – Natassia and Nic


Natassia and Nic began their wedding preparations at the Hampton Inn, located just a few blocks away from the State House in Columbia, South Carolina. Natassia had spent the morning getting her hair and makeup done, while Nic relaxed at the hotel and contemplated the events that were soon to unfold; he and Natassia were soon to be husband and wife! I was able to spend some time with Nic  as he was getting ready for the ceremony, and I created images that showed his sense of style and awesome bow-tie skills (probably beginner’s luck!). Natassia’s father entertained us with stories of his travels and life in the military; he is a very smart and kind man, and you can tell he loves his daughter! Speaking of his daughter, we then headed across the hallway to Natassia’s room, where I took a few images of her wedding dress and other wedding accessories, and of her interacting with her mom and dad. Before long, it was time to head to the State House, where Nic and Natassia were going to be married! The time of day was perfect for wedding photography; the direct light from the sun had just dropped below the State House roof, putting the ceremony in nice shade. Nic was standing at the end of the aisle, watching in anticipation, as Natassia was being escorted by both of her parents. They made their way down the aisle way, and her father gave Natassia away to be Nic’s wife! The wedding ceremony was a beautiful communication of love and devotion between Nic and Natassia, and included several symbolic wedding rituals. After the wedding ceremony ended, I walked with the bride and groom a few blocks to Nonnah’s Bistro, where their reception was being held. We stopped a few times along the way in order to create a few more photos of just the two of them together. Everyone enjoyed chatting with one another, congratulating the newlyweds , and some delicious food and cake! The wedding and reception was a very intimate affair, which included only the people closest to Natassia and Nic. I always feel especially honored to be a part of weddings such as this, because it seems like it’s not so much about the extravagant party, but the loving people involved! Congratulations Natassia and Nic, and thank you for allowing me to play such an important part of your wedding day!

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