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45th Wedding Anniversary at Woodcreek Country Club in Elgin SC – Congratulations Rose and Roger!




Despite the “blizzard-like” conditions here at home, which brought nearby traffic to a standstill, two hours away, Rose and Roger were anticipating renewing their wedding vows after 45 years of marriage. I left the house two hours early to ensure that I arrived on time; and what initially seemed like an impossible journey, quickly proved to be a manageable path with clearer roads and normal flowing traffic. Before long, I pulled into the parking lot of the Woodcreek Country Club, in Elgin South Carolina, where the events would take place. I arrived with plenty of time to spare, so I unloaded my photography gear, looked over the venue, and chatted with the band for a few minutes. I grabbed my camera and began to capture images of the venue before the guest started to arrive.

Although I get excited to work for new brides and grooms, couples celebrating a long marriage hold a special place in my heart! Family and friends started to trickle in from the cold, and there was a solid excitement that seemed to fill the air. Before long I spotted Roger, all decked out in the finest tuxedo, and close behind him was his beautiful bride of 45 years! As Rose entered through the front entrance, a happy chatter filled the room; she was truly stunning in her gorgeous wedding dress! After the wedding couple mingled for a few moments, we began creating some portraits of the family. Then Roger and Rose renewed their wedding vows to each other, and their children shared a few toasts to commend their parents’ wonderful example and amazing accomplishment. Dinner was served, and the party began! Little more would need to be said, other than the fact that everyone loved the live music for the evening, provided by The Headliners from Hilton Head. Al in all, it was a beautiful event that celebrated two people who love each other dearly, and a group of friends and family who were ecstatic to be there along the journey!

Congratulations Rose and Roger; I really enjoyed being a part of your wedding anniversary!

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