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Brides should not miss out on such a great opportunity to get important information that they need to plan their wedding. If you are engaged and planning your upcoming wedding you should plan to attend and participate in a bridal show.

Yes participate. Wedding professionals see tons of brides at every show that just walk around and collect paper and don’t realize the terrific opportunity that they are missing out on. They should be prepared to participate by interacting with the professionals at the show. These vendors are a great source of information on everything you need for your wedding day and they are very willing to help.

Colleen Wheeler, Producer of Wedding Festivals Bridal Shows advises, “You are not just purchasing a service, choose a wedding professional that you can connect with, one that shares your taste and someone you would enjoy spending your wedding day with.”

So Brides be ready to interact. If you aren’t comfortable talking to strangers bring a friend who is to help. Having the right someone with you can be very helpful. They can hold things for you, talk to vendors, point out things you might miss in all the excitement, take pictures and be fun to have along.

Flying Pig Photography’s Ron Anderson says, “What we are hoping to do is talk with Brides who feel a connection to our work, and who want to find out if we are a match for their wedding. This is (attending bridal shows) an excellent chance for Brides to start the booking process for the vendors they really want. The Bride who only gathers (printed) information from the show may have to settle for her second or third choice by missing out on this opportunity.”

Every Bride should also bring a bag that will hold information, their calendar, their checkbook and labels with their name, email, phone number and wedding date printed on them. Labels are a convenient quick way to give your contact information to a vendor you would like to follow up with or to enter the many prize drawings that will be happening.

It’s a good idea to leave negative people and children at home. This is a time to concentrate and not be distracted. Shows can be crowded and strollers are often not allowed. Debbie Downer and your darling niece will keep you from being able to spend the correct amount of time speaking to vendors.

There are Winter Bridal Shows the next two weekends in the Greenville area that will give local Brides the chance to participate and find the wedding vendors that they need. Remember, don’t just eat cake – participate.

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