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Kristen & Chris

Kristen seemed to have a sixth sense about the impending rainstorm; I could sense the urgency written all over her face that said “get the show on the road” FAST as she exited her car. Despite the threat of rain to put their engagement session to an abrupt halt, Chris and Kristen stayed calm and focused on the task at hand. They had to get some spectacular images and they had to have fun doing it – whether they liked it or not. We sure did have some fun, as you can clearly see in many of the images. What I wasn’t expecting though, was when Chris and Kristen got into their “model” mode and took the photo shoot to a whole new level; yes, we’re talking major “Blue Steel” here that even Ben Stiller would need to take notes on.

As for Kristen’s feeling about the weather, she turned out to be dead on when the final clicks of the shutter sounded. Rain washed down from the sky all at once leaving us stranded under a nearby bridge for a short while. Luckily for us all, Kristen had some bottled water just in case a situation like this came about. She seems like someone who is always prepared for any situation. I wouldn’t know for sure, but her purse may have also contained a few emergency blankets, various food rations, roll of duct tape, a pop-up tent, flashlights, gauze, rope, splints, and a couple of flare guns – I’m only guessing.


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Ron Anderson

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