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Outdoor Autumn Wedding in Lexington, SC – Liane & Tony


Autumn Wedding at 403 N Lake Events in Lexington, SC – Congratulations Liane & Tony!

When Autumn comes around every year, I get pretty excited about getting outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather! Liane and Tony must enjoy this too, since they decided to have their wedding ceremony held outside, in the garden area of 403 North Lake Events. This is a quiet, intimate, Southern style venue located in Lexington, SC,  close proximity to beautiful Lake Murray!

Liane and Tony opted to steer a bit away from the old traditional path, where the bride and groom aren’t supposed to even see each other before the ceremony, and have a few moments of time alone together before the wedding. This allowed me to be a silent observer to their very first interaction on their wedding day, and best of all, capture the moment from a closer proximity than would be possible during the ceremony. When brides and grooms do this, I clearly notice that the rest of their day is far less stressful, and the moment is much more magical, because it is with the couple alone; without a crowd of people watching.

The gardens featured the wedding ceremony, and photography of family, and the wedding party followed there as well. The main reception area was held inside, with additional beverage and food stations located outside, including additional seating. The wedding reception included Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances, as well as cake cutting. Liane and Tony also incorporated a HUGE dessert bar, which I do admit to visiting once or twice (actually about four times, I think).

Just before the bride and groom exited the venue through a shower of bubbles, they had a very special dance, which was said to be a P.A. tradition. The bride was in the middle of a circle of people joining hands, outside of that circle was a larger one, with those people joining hands as well. The groom was on the outside, and had to roam around, looking for a weak spot so that he could break through to get to his new bride. It was a lot of fun, or so it appeared; but Tony looked especially happy to be through with all of the hard work it involved. I don’t think everyone was as easy on him as they should have been. But, what would I know? I am just a photographer.

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