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Wedding at 403 North Lake Events in Lexington SC – Rhea and Tim



Rhea and Tim were married on November 3rd, at one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Lexington, South Carolina. Four ‘O Three North Lake Events is conveniently located near Columbia, and is a true natural paradise for brides and grooms who want that rustic, outdoor feel for their wedding event! We arrived a good bit before the ceremony started, because Rhea wanted to get a few images alone, in her wedding dress. Also, Tim and Rhea wanted us to capture them seeing each other for the very first time on their wedding day! In case you are new to my blog, I will say it again… I LOVE it when couples do that! When a bride and groom decide to meet before the wedding for a “First Look,” it allows me to create photography that would otherwise be impossible. This is because they will interact in a more authentic way, enabling me to create images that are true to life on their wedding day! It also provides couples with some alone time so they can interact and express their feelings, without having to wait all day to finally have a moment with each other. I cannot even tell you how many times I have heard couples tell me that their wedding day was a fast blur, and I truly feel that taking time out to see each other before the wedding is definitely the way to go! Just ask a couple who has done it : )

The wedding ceremony incorporated a couple of unique points of interest as well. The first, was a mixing of sand into a personalized glass display box, which is a great alternative to a unity candle used in traditional wedding ceremonies. While mixing sand works well from a technical aspect (no worrying about wind blowing out the candles), it is also a colorful decor piece that shows two lives being joined forever! This sand ceremony was also unique, because it allowed the children in the family to be involved in the wedding in a deeper way. It is a beautiful thing when children are recognized and provided important roles in weddings; for better or worse, everyone is joining to make the marriage complete! The other thing that was unique in Rhea and Tim’s wedding, was “Jumping Of The Broom.” Written below is the actual wording used in the ceremony!

Minister Reads: We end this ceremony with the African American tradition of jumping of the broom.  Slaves in this country were not permitted to marry, so they jumped a broom as a way of ceremonially uniting.  Today it represents great joy and at the same time serves as a reminder of the past and the pain of slavery.  As our bride and groom jump the broom, they physically and spiritually cross the threshold into the land of matrimony.  It marks the beginning of making a home together.  It symbolizes the sweeping away all negative energy, making way for all things that are good to come into their lives.  It is also a call of support for the marriage from the entire community of family and friends.  The bride and groom will now begin their life together with a clean sweep!
One of the attendants then places it on the ground in their path. The bride and groom jump over the broom, then kiss.  Immediately, the music begins and the couple recesses down the aisle.
After the wedding, we took a few additional family photos, and then headed over to the reception area. 403 North Lake Events has recently built a gorgeous tent on the property for their receptions, which looks awesome! Rhea and Tim are the first couple that I have worked with using the tent, and we even used it for a nice backdrop for some romantic photography, shortly after sunset. It was an absolutely beautiful day with a beautiful bride and groom, who are celebrating life now joined as one!  Congratulations Tim and Rhea; thanks for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!

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