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Why the name Flying Pig Photography?

What’s with the pig?

This is the part where we explain the meaning behind our unusual name and convince you that flying pigs….are….if it’s not already obvious…awesome!

On one of our epic road trips, back when we were Southern Wedding Photography, we were bemoaning the fact that our business name was about as bland and generic as you can get and it said nothing about who we were, how we worked, or our perspective as photographers. Instead, we wanted something that would tell the world that we love what we do, that we think photography should be fun, and that we are all about dreaming the impossible dream! After some serious brainstorming (being confined to a small car speeding down the interstate always helps us with our brainstorming), we came up with idea of a flying pig and thought it was perfect fit. Here’s why:

A FLYING PIG is truly extraordinary!

There’s a reason that a flying pig is so attention grabbing. You don’t see them just every day.

And almost as unusual, is the business with a reputation for good customer service. In a climate where ignored emails, un-returned phone calls, greed, and a ‘don’t care’ attitude have become the norm, we are different. We genuinely care about our clients and value your time. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to phone calls and emails, efficiency, and extraordinary customer service.

A FLYING PIG sees the world like no other pig can!

A flying pig certainly has a different perspective from all the other pigs; and so do we! Creativity is something that we deeply value in both our personal and professional life; it is all about each of us embracing our own uniqueness, and through that, being enabled to create something that no one else can. And, like the flying pig, our artistic vision is uniquely our own. No two photographers will see anything in the same way. So, don’t hire us because you like our packages, our products, or even our prices, hire us because you love what we create!

A FLYING PIG doesn’t just lay around being lazy!

We all know the one thing that pigs are notorious for…they’re fat! But a pig that exercises his wings keeps himself fit and trim and loves to try his hand at new aerial maneuvers. In the same way, we are constantly learning and growing in the area of photography. We seek out new educational materials, attend workshops, experiment with new techniques and lighting, and sharpen our Photoshop skills so that we are are always ready for a new challenge

A FLYING PIG is knows his purpose!

We see ourselves as having received a priceless gift of love and grace from our creator. As followers of Jesus, we desperately want to learn to be more like Him. He has loved us and taught us about love, and we want to be like our teacher, seeking to imitate Him in every area of our lives. So, even in our photography business, we want to leave a mark of love, kindness, and respect for others. It is in Jesus, where we find life. Glorious abundant life!

ques and lighting, and sharpen our Photoshop skills so that we are are always ready for a new challenge

A FLYING PIG never forgets who his friends are!

The airborne pig always recalls those who helped him along the way; even before his hooves hoovered. He is always willing to help out, and appreciates a true friend! We value getting to know the people that we are working with so that we can create beautiful images that capture their individual personalities. We realize that many of our clients have never worked with a professional photographer before, and we are more than happy to educate them about the different products and services that we offer. We also help them with location selection, clothing selections, and even wall portrait sizing and placement. Many clients have become our close friends, refer us constantly to their other friends, and continue to use us as their photographers to capture various events and stages in their lives. We truly do have the best clients in the world!

We are so very grateful to all the people in our lives who have supported and helped us to follow our dreams. We really must have the best clients ever. One the best parts of our job has been getting to know all of you and even become friends with many of you. Our parents have been unfailingly generous with time and energy by caring for our kids whenever we have a wedding or photo session. So many of our friends have encouraged us, prayed for us, and come to our rescue when we needed help, (whether it was getting a crashed website up and running, or helping us build a booth for the wedding festival). We truly couldn’t accomplish anything without the love and support of our friends and families.

Most people think of the day when pigs fly as a day that will never come, but we believe that with creativity, determination, and direction, dreams really can come true!

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